Title: Getting Started with Your Roxio Software Suite

What You Can Do:

Your Roxio software suite is built around a central launch pad where everything is neatly organized. Getting started is simple: Choose a project category, select a task, and create.

To get a sense of whatís available, click on each of the project categories listed on the left side of the main application window: Data - Copy, Video - Movies, Music - Audio, and Photo. As you click, a list of the available tasks in each category will appear on the right.

If there is an arrow beside a task description, this simply means that selected the task will open the related component in a separate window. Projects without arrows are built right into the main window.

The Home category is often a good place to start. It provides shortcuts to your most frequently-used tasks. All of the task icons have descriptions below them to help you choose the task that is appropriate for your project. Hold your mouse over a task icon or name to see a more detailed description. Simply click one of the icons listed under Frequent Tasks to begin.

While you have the main project window open, be sure to click on the Tools and Help menus. The Tools menu includes links to a set of disc tools and useful project settings. The Help menu includes links to the Help file, an informative set of tutorials, online technical support, and more. (Youíll need an Internet connection to take full advantage of the Help menu.)

How it's done:

Your Roxio software suite provides a straightforward view of the available tasks, so you donít have to spend a lot of extra time figuring out where to begin.

To start a project:

  1. Launch the suite by double-clicking the icon that is automatically placed on your desktop during installation. Show Me

  2. Click one of the main project categories on the left side of the window - a list of the available tasks appears on the right. Show Me

  3. Select the project that you would like to perform by clicking the appropriate task name.
    • If the project is built into the main application window, the task list will be replaced by the project window. Show Me
    • If the task is performed by a separate component, the component will open in its own window. Show Me
    • You can switch to a different task at any time by returning to the main window, clicking on any one of the project categories, and selecting a new task from the list.

    Tip: Should you need assistance completing any task, the Help file is available from most windows, and can be accessed either through the Help menu on the toolbar, or by pressing "F1" on your keyboard.